RoOUG TechSession #45 Online

Pe 11 Mai 2021, Romanian Oracle User Group a pregătit un nou eveniment dedicat utilizatorilor de produse Oracle.

Agenda va fi următoarea:

  • 17:00 – 17:50 – Glu(ent)ing together a Data Hybridization Layer on top of Oracle Exadata’s and Cloud hosted Hadoop Cluster – Radu Pârvu


Use Case about how we built a data hybrid layer for a large Client using Gluent; Oracle Exadata and Hadoop Cluster.

Bio speaker

Radu Parvu, Oracle ACE, Research Principal Director Accenture Enkitec Group

Radu has over 19 years of experience in various database projects (mainly Oracle but other DBMS, too. Radu holds License (one degree over Bachelor) of Engineering in Technological Physics from University of Bucharest.  Database Expertise: Data migrations, database upgrades, backups, cloning and recovery  Oracle installation, configuration, patching and database tuning Data Replication: Golden Gate, Advanced and materialized view replication Very large databases and Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OEM 12c Cloud Control) HA: Real Application Clusters & Oracle Data Guard Database design, Master data management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Exadata ETL data: export/import, SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump MAA and DR: Maximum Availability Architecture and DR

    • 18:00 – 19:00 – On the way to the “Least Privilege Principle” – Privilege Analysis with the Oracle Database – Markus Flechtner


Granting only the required privileges to a database user can be challenge. In most cases developers or application vendors don’t the necessary privileges want more.

As a DBA you probably know the situation: one of the first SQL commands when installing third-party software is “GRANT DBA TO ..”. Or: the developers in your own development department don’t know which privileges they need in the database – and first demand DBA rights in the development environment. And then the security officer appears on stage and says “everyone may only get the rights he really needs” – the well-known least privilege principle is required. But how can this be found out? Since database version 12c Oracle offers the feature “Privilege Analysis” for this purpose. Unfortunately; the use of this feature was originally linked to the Database-Vault-License – and therefore not (legally) applicable for most DBAs. This restriction was lifted in November 2018: all customers with Enterprise Edition are allowed to use the feature. Reason enough to take a closer look at this functionality in the presentation: how can the DBA determine which rights the applications and users really need and set up a suitable rights concept for them?

Bio speaker

Markus Flechtner is a Principal Consultant at Trivadis/Germany. Trivadis is an Oracle Platinum Partner based in Switzerland. Markus has been working with Oracle software for more than 20 years. He started as a developer for Oracle Forms and Reports; but later became a DBA. At Trivadis he specialized on Oracle Real Application Cluster and database upgrade and migration projects.

He is a teacher for the Trivadis trainings on Oracle RAC; Oracle Database New Features and Oracle Multitenant.

He likes sharing his experience in his blog and on national and international conferences and he is co-author of the (german) book “Der Oracle DBA”. In January 2020 he was nominated an “Oracle ACE”.

Evenimentul este gratuit se va desfasura online prin intermediul platformei Webex.

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