RoOUG TechSession #33

Pe 24 Septembrie 2019, Romanian Oracle User Group a pregătit un nou eveniment dedicat utilizatorilor de produse Oracle.

Agenda va fi următoarea:

  • 18:15 – 18:30 – Înscriere participanți
  • 18:30 – 19:15 – APEX on Autonomous Database – All in one place (part I)
  • 19:15 – 19:30- pauza socializare / discuții libere
  • 19:30 – 20:15 – APEX on Autonomous Database – All in one place (part II)

APEX on Autonomous Database – Adrian Căpitanu, Andreea Dobre – Oracle Romania:
This presentation will cover a high level understanding of Autonomous Database, from provisioning till proper manipulation of the instance using REST APIs. The 5Ws(What, Who, When, Where, Why) will help you see that the database infrastructure administration is being mostly automated and autonomous, taking care of all the repetitive stuff for you. Real use cases are prepared to show how the REST APIs are used for operations like backup, scale up/down and so on. To be on the same track, we have also APEX and ORDS included in Autonomous Database since mid-June. With a user-friendly interface, APEX can be accessed directly from the Autonomous Database instance and provisioning a new workspace is a matter of 2 minutes by following a simple wizard. Next, we will give an overview around Web Source Modules, one of the APEX main features, that allows us data manipulation over a REST Service. There will be a step by step presentation showing how to create them, manipulate data and integrate it within different types of reports. Tips, tricks and also some information on the limitations of this approach will wrap the session up.

Short biography:
Adrian is an experienced DBA with more that 10 years working with Oracle Database. After being involved in various roles – Support Engineer within the Advanced Customer Services and DBA at Vodafone, always focusing on Database Administration in activities like patching, migrations, upgrades, he made a thoughtful change a couple of years ago and joined the Solution Engineering Hub in Oracle Romania. Now he is one of the Autonomous Database specialists within the Data Management team, and his main area of interest is developing use cases, live demos and Proof of Concepts related to the Autonomous Database, its main capabilites and how to get the most of it by using the REST APIs. Among his daily job, Adi is also focused on Database Security, Performance and Health Checks providing customers the current state of their most important databases.
Andreea is an APEX enthusiast, who joined Oracle more than 2 years ago the Solution Engineering Hub in Bucharest. Her main focus is developing internal and external APEX applications for customers around EMEA and JAPAC regions. Since Oracle Cloud is a hot topic among us, demos and Proof of concepts around APEX are build on top of Cloud Services like Database Cloud Service and Autonomous Database mostly. Andreea covers also the DIS (Data Integration Solutions) stack and integrates different PaaS, SaaS solutions using REST services.
Before joining Oracle, she was a PL/SQL developer and was involved in building Non-Financial Dashboards for a foreign investment bank in Europe. In the last year, Andreea started to write blog postings around APEX new features.

Evenimentul se va desfășura cu sprijinul Oracle România la sediul din Pipera, Floreasca Park, Parter Sala GF01.

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