RoOUG TechSession #35

On 04th December2019,Romanian Oracle User Group prepared a new event dedicated to users of Oracle products and technologies. The session agenda:

  • 18:00 – 18:15 – Registration
  • 18:15 – 21:15 – Architectural  anti-patterns when delivering a software ecosystem with Kubernetes


ABSTRACT: Architectural anti-patterns when delivering a software ecosystem with Kubernetes

There are several factors to take into consideration when working on a software solution: which languages to use, the process, how to deliver, and how all of these have to match with the general architecture.

Laurentiu Spilca discusses the links between a clean architecture and the development in an environment orchestrated with Kubernetes. Along the way, Laurentiu explores and proves several anti-patterns and good practices, using hands-on examples. You’ll start by installing Minikube and kubectl and digging into the major resources of a Kubernetes project: deployments, services, pods, and routes.

You’ll learn how to integrate them and how to configure load balancing, scaling, and service access.
Then, based on the observations you make, you’ll examine several example architecture implementations, try them where possible, and classify them as anti-patterns or good approaches.

The workshop is organized with logistic help of Endava România will take place at Endava’s location,din AFI Park 3.

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