BGOUG Autumn Conference 2015

The Bulgarian Oracle User Group is one of the largest user groups in CEE, established in 1994 and having close to 400 attendees in their last conference organized at Pravets, 20-22 November.

The conference had 4 main tracks:

  • Database (Server Technology, Database Administration and Tuning)
  • Design and Development
  • Middleware
  • Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Enterprise Management, Engineered Systems)

There were 6 Oracle ACE Directors speaking and presenting – not many OUGs can say they have this many recognized experts on stage. Among them, Jonathan Lewis did the keynote, Julian Dontcheff, Heli Helskyaho, Martin Widlake, Osama Mustafa and Gurcan Orhan presented high end topics, some of them delivered at Oracle Open World, weeks before.

From Romania, there were a couple attendees from Luxoft Romania and Masstech. Horia Berca, Oracle Employee and RoOUG member participated as a speaker with two sessions.

His presentations were in the area of Database Performance Tuning and Development:

  • Adaptive Query Optimizations in 12c
  • Tuning capabilities in SQL Developer

Part of the presentations, he demoed some features using an Oracle Database Cloud Service instance (Enterprise Edition – Extreme Performance) and also In-Memory Option was emphasized as a performance accelerator. The sessions were well received, with up to 50 participants attending each of them.

The BGOUG event ended with a Panel Discussion, hosted by “The four Js”: Joel Goodman, Jonathan Lewis, Joze Senegacnik and Julian Dontcheff. This was very well received by all participants, with many discussions around Oracle Public Cloud, Big Data, Oracle Database Standard Edition and enhancements wanted in Oracle Database.

More details here: and here:

Please feel free to reach out to Horia directly at for additional information.

Thank you BGOUG!

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