Real World Performance Tour

The Bulgarian Oracle User Group, Romanian Oracle User Group and the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG), are organizing a one day seminar in Sofia.

The seminar is part of the Real World Performance Tour 2014 and it will be held in Sofia Event Center on 21st of February, 2014.

The speakers:

–       Tom Kyte, Senior Technical Architect ORACLE Server Technology Division

–       Graham Wood, Architect Server Technologies

–       Andrew Holdsworth, Vice President Real World Performance Server Technologies

will have an interactive discussion and open talk on the following topics:

–       Focus on performance of Oracle tools

–       What are you doing wrong

–       What are you doing right

–       Demos are real / live through VPN

–       Avoid getting in a situation “it’s good enough”

–       How to use the available Oracle stack

The event is open to everyone involved with Oracle technologies, especially for

–   DBAs

–   System Architects

–   IT managements

–   Oracle & System Integrators

–   PL/SQL or Java developers

Information about the registration will be published soon.