Editorial Review: Oracle 11g Anti-hacker’s Cookbook, by Adrian Neagu

As announced, RoOUG organized a workshop on April the 23rd, having Adrian Neagu presenting his latest book: Oracle 11g Anti-hacker’s Cookbook (http://www.packtpub.com/library/oracle-database-11g-anti-hackers-cookbook). Adrian Neagu has over ten years of experience as a database administrator, mainly with DB2 and Oracle databases. He is an Oracle Certified Master 10g, Oracle Certified Professional 9i, 10g, and 11g, IBM DB2 Certified Administrator version 8.1.2 and 9, IBM DB2 9 Advanced Certified Administrator 9, and Sun Certified System Administrator Solaris 10. He is an expert in many areas of database administration such as performance tuning, high availability, replication, backup, and recovery.

This editorial release a cookbook of good practices for securing your Oracle database. The content is well structured along the following topics spread across 7 chapters: Operating Systems, Network Access and Communication Channels, Content Encryption, Authorization and User Security, Privileges and VPD, The Oracle Label feature and Oracle Data Vault.

Adrian Neagu has presented an overview on his book during the three hour workshop, managing to describe the main book topics in an easy-to-follow way.

You can buy his book from the Pack Publishing website: http://www.packtpub.com/oracle-database-11g-anti-hackers-cookbook/book

Unfortunately there was no time left for the second item on the agenda, the “Jasper Reports in APEX” presentation. RoOUG will announce a new workshop focused on this topic soon.