RoOUG TechSession #47 Online

On April 6, 2022, the Romanian Oracle User Group prepared a new workshop dedicated to GIS using Oracle technologies.
The technical session will run for 90 minutes between 17:00 and 18:30.

Model, visualize and analyze relationships in your data using the Graph support in your Oracle Database

Graph analysis offers a different way of looking at data and has become very popular in recent years to gain new insights into the connections and relationships in data. In database administration, graphs can make it easy to analyze hierarchies of dependencies, for example. Mapping the content of the DBA_DEPENDENCIES view to a graph structure to determine which triggers will fail if a given PL/SQL function does not compile any longer would be just one possible use case. Similarly, graphs enable the DBA to determine through which role a given user directly or indirectly has access to which resources, or vice versa, which users have access to a given column with personally identifiable information.

Graph capabilities are integral to the Oracle Database. They come without additional license costs. Every Oracle Database user can create graphs from existing or new data, search for graph patterns, and apply graph algorithms.

This session is a how-to for data engineers, developers, and DBAs who need to support their organizations searching for new ways to model and analyze data. I will explain what the graph capabilities entail, what components are included, which tools are available, and the most effortless approach to get started.

Speaker´s bio:

Karin Patenge is responsible for Oracle’s Spatial and Graph technologies and the associated Cloud Services as Senior Principal Product


She studied Computer Science at the Polytechnical University Bucharest / Romania and got her Computer Science degree from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg / Germany. She also studied Geospatial Information Sciences at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg / Austria.

Before joining Oracle in 2007, she worked in several IT roles for an electronic devices manufacturer, the public sector, and the pharmaceutical industry. In her current role, she takes care of key projects and strategic partnerships, marketing activities, and internal awareness around the Location Products and Graph Databases/Graph Analysis within Oracle’s various regional organizations and business units. She is a regular speaker at conferences and user group events.


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