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Workshop: Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) for Python


We are starting 2022 with the workshop online Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) for Python, scheduled for 2 afternoons, on 10th of February 2022 and on 11th of February 2022.

The workshop will start: on 10th of February at 14:00 (Romanian local time) and on 11th of February at 13:00 (Romanian local time).

The lecture will be held in Romanian language by Valentin Leonard Tabacaru, Principal Product Manager, Oracle DB Platform Technology Solutions – EMEA.

This online workshop is free of charge. We will use Zoom. The access link will be provided to every registered attendee.


Speaker: Valentin Leonard Tabacaru is Product Manager at Oracle. He supports Oracle Database server technology programs to drive the adoption of products and cloud services, maintains and develops exchanges with Product Management teams, helps partners validate and certify their applications, delivers briefings, webcasts, and hands-on workshops.
Valentin also helps strategic partners and customers by handling technical request assignments in his area of expertise

Workshop Description

Oracle’s converged database makes developers and data more productive. Oracle provides a rich API, called Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA), for one of the most popular data models, JSON data commonly used in web and mobile applications.

SODA is a set of NoSQL-style APIs that let you create and store collections of documents (in particular JSON) in Oracle Database, retrieve them, and query them, without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL) or how the documents are stored in the database.

This hands-on workshop focuses on SODA for Python which enables enterprise capabilities of the Oracle Database in conjunction with the popular Python programming language and JSON data. You will learn how to use Oracle Database as a document store with JSON, a complete platform for document store applications, including but not limited to: secure data processing through encryption, access control, and auditing; horizontal scalability with Real Application Clusters; consolidation with Oracle Multitenant; and high availability functionality for mission critical services. After this workshop, you will be able to implement Oracle Database enterprise capabilities into your existing and future Python applications. Oracle Database can generate a schema and indices from JSON objects to enable parallel SQL analytics, transactions, and joins of JSON data with spatial, graph, and relational data.


Participants must use their own laptop with the following:

  • Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
    • Provided by the instructor for instructor-led workshops
  • Basic knowledge of Python is not required but nice to have


  • Create Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
  • Provision Compute Node for development
  • Configure Compute Node for development
  • Provision Oracle Autonomous JSON Database (AJD)
  • Deploy Atlas document store on MongoDB Cloud
  • Create Python application for MongoDB document store
  • Run the Python application and check results
  • Improve Python application adding Oracle AJD document store
  • Run the application with MongoDB and Oracle AJD support
  • Migrate documents between document stores

Lab guide

Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) using Python

Workshop walk-through

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