RoOUG TechSession #43 online

utPLSQL: The Whats, The Whys and the Hows

Pe 23 Februarie 2021, Romanian Oracle User Group a pregătit un nou eveniment dedicat utilizatorilor de produse Oracle dedicata de aceasta data zonei de testare. Agenda va fi următoarea:

17:00 – 17:55  We ain’t got no time! Pragmatic testing with utPLSQL

speaker: Samuel Nitsche

18:00 – 18:55  Testing with utPLSQL – Made Easy with SQL Developer

speaker: Philipp Salvisberg

We ain’t got no time! Pragmatic testing with utPLSQL

It is a dark time for agile database developers of the imperial army. The sith-lords in charge constantly urge to just implement the functionality and not waste time with development of automated self-tests.Convinced of the importance of his mission, a single, fearless database developer starts a dangerous attempt to make automated self-tests a natural part of the development process and has to meet numerous challenges around integrated commits, complex selects and unknown functionality in the process.

This presentation with many practical examples and live-demos provides answers to some of the most frequent questions and challenges that come up during adoption of automated self-tests, especially in the database.

We will see the practical usage of many features of the open-source framework utPLSQL but also consider fundamental challenges around the topic of “automated tests”.

  • How much additional development time do I need when I create unit-tests?
  • What even is an automated test and how does it work?
  • How do I get started with utPLSQL?
  • How can I write tests for complex data structures?
  • What tests should I automate?
  • How can I practically integrate automated self-tests into my development process?

Samuel Nitsche is a curiosity-driven software developer with nearly 20 years of experience.

He works as Senior Software Developer and trainer at Smart Enterprise Solutions GmbH.

His main interest is on modern database development, automated testing and code quality, topics he writes regularly about on different platforms (e.g. his blog, Simple-Talk and several Oracle-related print magazines).

He is an Oracle ACE, one of the main contributors and maintainers of utPLSQL ( and loves to share his experience in an entertaining way – gladly in Sith robes – at meetups and conferences.  

Testing with utPLSQL – Made Easy with SQL Developer

Are you using SQL Developer for Oracle DB development? Have you ever thought about using utPLSQL to test your code? I will explain the basics and show you how to add tests to an existing PL/SQL project. We start with an empty worksheet. 100% live coding. Are you ready to become an utPLSQL fan?

The testing framework utPLSQL, originally developed by Steven Feuerstein, was completely rewritten in version 3. It is based on concepts used in JUnit. This facilitates both the programming of tests and the integration into existing CI environments with Jenkins and SonarQube. An important aspect of testing are asserts to compare the expected result with the actual one. utPLSQL provides very good and complete support in this area, so that for example query result can be compared very easily. The first step is always the hardest. Therefore, after a short introduction I will show you how to add tests step by step to an existing PL/SQL project and how the Oracle SQL Developer simplifies working with utPLSQL.

Philipp Salvisberg is a senior principal consultant and partner at Trivadis and an Oracle ACE. He has been focusing on Oracle database based solutions since 1988. At that time with Oracle Database version 5. Since then, he is helping customers design, build and optimize their database centric solutions, teaching application development topics or speaking at conferences.

Philipp has a soft spot for doing as much as possible in a single SQL statement and is interested in pretty much everything to use the database as efficiently as possible. He likes to design model-driven software solutions using domain specific languages, while getting the most out of the underlying technologies.

Philipp lives in Winterthur, Switzerland with his wife Karin and their lovely Eurasier Aramis.

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