Growing RoOUG

RoOUG is commited to grow the community and the number of active members. That’s why  RoOUG has created a way to grow the active membership within the organization. Sing in process for active members follows next steps:

1. During 2017, the persons who want to become active member will sent an email to with  following subject: Doresc sa ma implic in organizarea RoOUG. Following htis message, the persons will be invited to take part as observers to administration discussions and will be able to help organizing the RoOUG activity based on their volunteering will and skills.

2.In 2018 in the first organizing meeting , only one person will be selected to become active member, with full rights including voting in the board.

The following conditions apply to the process:
1. The sign up messages shoul be sent until 01.June.2017
2. The RoOUG statut says that Oracle employees don’t have the right to vote inside the organization.

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