Technical Session Nr. 17 – 9 June 2016

On June 9, 2016, Romanian Oracle User Group prepared a new event dedicated to users of Oracle products.

The session agenda:

18:00 – 18:30  Registration

18:30 – 19:15  Exploring Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Best Practices for your Cloud

speaker Ami Aharonovich, Brillix-DBAces CEO, President of ilOUG (Israel Oracle User Group)

This session will explore the new multitenant architecture introduced in Oracle Database 12c and will demonstrate best practices for implementing and supporting simplified consolidation in your enterprise or in your private/public cloud deployment.

This session will include real life examples as well as live demonstrations taken from a customer story where Oracle Database 12c multitenant architecture is used to simplify consolidation and provisioning by holding multiple pluggable databases on a single container database with no application changes and complete security and isolation between different customers applications.

19:15 – 20:00 Big Data and Data Exploration

speaker Heli Helskyaho, CEO for Miracle Finland Oy, Ambassador for EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community)

Everybody is talking about Big Data. What is Big Data? What is Data Exploration and what does it have to do with Big Data?

 20:00 – 20:15 Tea-Break

20:15 -21:00   Is your database secured?

speaker Heli Helskyaho, CEO for Miracle Finland Oy, Ambassador for EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community)

What is database security? What kinds of risks your environment might have? Does Oracle have any solutions for database security?

Location of the event: Floreasca Park, Oracle Building , Ground Floor, Room 1 (GF13)

Below is a brief description of presenters:

Ami Aharonovich, Brillix-DBAces CEO, President of ilOUG (Israel Oracle User Group), Oracle ACE and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional), head of Oracle department at John Bryce Hi-Tech College, an Oracle University education center.

Ami is an Oracle ACE and Oracle certified professional DBA with over fifteen years of expertise as an Oracle DBA consultant and instructor, specializing in Oracle database core technologies. He is a top high-end professional in core Oracle database technologies and has vast experience in providing consulting and training professional services. He has extensive knowledge of Oracle best-practice concepts for database development and administration including extensive performance tuning experience specializing in monitoring, diagnosing and improving Oracle database applications and performing SQL optimization.

Ami is an Oracle University instructor and has over fifteen years of expertise training Oracle courses and delivering core Oracle database technology sessions and seminars throughout the world including the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Romania, Latvia, Germany, Cyprus and Israel. He is a frequent speaker in various conventions and user group conferences throughout the world including at the Oracle Open World annual convention in San Francisco, Collaborate conference in Las Vegas, ODTUG Kscope conference in Florida and DOAG conference in Germany, educating hundreds of attendees, and has gained exceptional feedback.

Heli Helskyaho is the CEO for Miracle Finland Oy and an Ambassador for EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community). In 2015 Heli was nominated as number 12 of top 100 influences on IT sector in Finland. Heli holds a Master’s degree (Computer Science) in Helsinki University and she is specialized on databases. At the moment she is working on her doctoral studies on schema discovery, big data and semi-structured data.
She has been working on IT since 1990 and with Oracle products since 1993. She has been in several positions but every role has always included database design. Heli believes that good database design and good documentation reduces performance problems and makes solving them easier.
Heli is also an Oracle ACE Director and a frequent speaker in many conferences.  She is the author of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery (Oracle Press 2015), co-author of Real World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts (Oracle Press 2016) and one of the first winners of Oracle Database Developer Choice Award, Devvy, on Database Design category in 2015.

Entrance is free to the extent available seats. You can submit for a place by sending an email to contact[la] or by completing the forms below: