RoOUG presence to BGOUG 2015 Spring Conference in Plovdiv

Last weekend, the Spring Conference of Bulgarian Oracle User Group was held from 12th to 14th June, 2015 in Plovdiv.

The event gathered more than 280 participants form Bulgaria, Finland, Jordan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Serbija, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, from more than 60 non-profit organization and companies that use Oracle products. Romania attended the conference with one speaker and 17 attendees, most of them being RoOUG members. Romanian team gathered employees from Luxoft, Metro Systems, Selir, Siveco, Teamnet International, and freelancers.

During the conference there were 47 very attractive events , presentation, workshops, round tables and a party for all the participants.

From RoOUG , Ciprian Onofreiciuc sustained two presentations:

  • DG4ODBC – a simple way to have multiple data sources in an Oracle Database
  • Federated custom authentications with APEX Applications – part II. This presentation will be also sustained during 13th RoOUG TechSession on 22tn of June 2015.

Besides the technical side, participants were able to visit Plovdiv, a very old city with cozy cafes and restaurants.plovdiv

Next BGOUG event will be held on 20-22 Noiembrie 2015.

Thank you for your hospitality and collaboration BGOUG!