RoOUG Partnership with Oracle Press

Starting in 2014, RoOUG began a partnership with Oracle Press regarding the Oracle books published  with McgrawHill Education. Any RoOUG member who wants to read and write a review to a Oracle Press book can take part in this partnership.
The rules are simple:
0. You have to be a RoOUG Member. If you’re not, join today here.

1. Identify a recent published book ( less than 1 year since launch) from Oracle Press on the site on three categories

Programming and Web Development:
2. Write a letter to expressing the willingness to take part in the program specifying the title and the author.

3. RoOUG will contact Oracle Press organization on the request and will facilitate the access to the e-book if the book is eligible for the program. In one week Oracle Press will provide a e-book to the person via RoOUG.

4. The person will read the book and write an review of the book, details will be provided by RoOUG. The review has to have minimum 50 words.

In 2014, Horia Bercă and Ciprian Onofreiciuc took part in this program successfully for the following books:*

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